Pre and Post Construction Pipe Inspections – Covering Your Back When Building

One thing people sometimes forget when deciding on building a non-habitable structure such as a carport or shed, is the Council owned infrastructure of sewerage and water pipes that could lay underground. Ignoring these can prove very costly if any damage is done during the building construction which is why it is necessary to have all existing pipes on your property inspected by a professional CCTV pipe inspection company.n

It is generally a Council requirement to have CCTV pipe inspections conducted both before and after any construction over or near existing pipelines.  This information is presented to the Council in order to prove that the post building condition of the pipes is indifferent to the pre building condition.

Pipe Vision Australia conduct pre and post construction pipe inspections to Council specifications and have almost two decades experience in this field.



When you are building you want to make sure it is done property the first time.  Attempting to comply with Council regulations and building codes can be overwhelming but for the experts at Pipe Vision Australia it is just a part of what we do.  By enlisting us to conduct these inspections you can put your mind at ease knowing your pipes are up to code from the beginning.

Our pre and post construction pipe inspections are thorough and honest.

Reports and captured footage will be forwarded to you via dropbox link immediately following payment.  Please however note that most Councils do not accept dropbox links and we recommend that you simply download and copy to a USB for Council submission.

Should you require your pipes to be located and marked on ground please advise when booking.


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